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Special Thank You

As the 2018 due renewals start coming in, I will stop and offer a special thank you to several members and subscribers who have made a donation above the $20 renewal.

Your donations help us maintain the current dues rate and still keep this Chapter afloat.

Chapter Dues

Time for your NWI-NRHS dues renewal for 2018. We are still at $20 for NWI Chapter dues.

A subscription to our newsletter North Western Limited alone remains at $20 as well. Your Chapter renewals and subscriptions may be sent to our Chapter P.O. box or presented at a chapter meeting. You may also mail your dues directly to Chapter Treasurer Lloyd Rinehart at: 522 Bradshaw Street, Dixon, IL. 61021.

The NRHS dues renewal has been received in the mailbox by those with whom we spoke.

Was that 40 years ago already?

My how time flies by. Looking over potential photos for this newsletter cover, I came across a David Franzen 8 1/2x11 black & white among my collection. We ran it a couple of years ago.

David recorded Milwaukee Road MP-15AC #496 setting on the engine track at West Yard, South Beloit, Illinois on December 11, 1977. Meanwhile on the passing track, yours truly was guiding engineer Frank Hobbins with Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range SD-9s #172 with the arrowhead paint scheme and the 187 still wearing its’ original paint, towards our train. During this time, Milwaukee Road power was very sick and we were leasing units from just about everywhere. As a result of the power crisis trains were forced to make train reductions along the line to continue with what train was left. Extra trains were ordered to gather up the set-outs to get the cars on their way.
DM&IR units were the first in a variety of leased units in the winter of 1977-78. The heavy ballasted DM&IR units were terrific haulers. Seems they ran in pairs along with a Milwaukee Road unit or two. They also had rectangular air brake gauges that stood upright on the control stand in the cab. I once heard the gauges came off of steam locomotives of the DM&IR.

The story went, the DM&IR learned how the Milwaukee was treating their EMDs and demanded them back breaking the lease agreement. Some say it was a short term lease, but I know the Great Lakes were not thawed for shipping in January.

IRM Christmas Present

Looking over the Illinois Railway Museum’s website revealed another gem in the making. Diesel locomotive fans, like me, will get another treat in the 2018 museum’s open season.

IRM had procured a forlorn Chicago & North Western GP-7 that set in the Janesville, Wisconsin yard for quite some time. The 1952 built, ex-Rock Island rebuilt, EMD unit came to IRM’s property as C&NW #4160 and operable. The unit was among the C&NW photo-ops several times.

Now comes the news, the C&NW 4160 is being transformed into Rock Island 4506 in its Bankruptcy Blue colors. This project is the quickest and less costly of the options out there.

Some would like the unit returned to the Rock Island GP-7 #1266 as delivered in 1952. However, when the RI rebuilt the unit, it included metal work that would also have to be back dated.

During a past slide presentation by John Dziobko, we saw a fresh out of the paint booth Bankruptcy Blue unit in brilliant winter sunlight - sunglasses please! This paint scheme goes better with a little road dust on the flanks. …Jerry Pyfer

December 2017: No Chapter meeting.

January 27, 2018: NWI Chapter Meeting program by John Dziobko.

February 27, 2018: NWI Chapter Meeting - Program to be announced

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