December 2018 from
Jerry Pyfer


NWI Treasurer Lloyd Rinehart sent me the renewal names that have already come in for 2019. We even got a couple of folks coming back after some time away. I am updating the mailing roster as I get the information. You folks are coming thru with renewals at a great pace.

Thank you for staying with us for 2019. And thank you for rejoining us for 2019.

Your NWI dues portion will remain at $20 for 2019. The NWI Chapter will only accept our portion, the NRHS portion must be sent to the NRHS.

You have several options for the NWI dues payment: Mailed to our P.O. Box, mailed directly to our Treasurer Lloyd Rinehart at 522 Bradshaw Street, Dixon, Il., 61021 or presented it to Lloyd at a chapter meeting.

NWI Chapter Business

We were treated to a great Chicago Great Western memorial show for the November Annual Meeting. John Strombeck, Mark and Mike Nelson and Randy Garnhart teamed up for a superb collection of CGW slides and miles of information.

The crowd matched the program as we were pulling out more seats for late arrivals.

Unfortunately, two things happened that didn’t work well.
We had several requests for a recording of the program as they could not make it to Rockford. How can we remedy this in the future?

Secondly, as the evening progressed, my back began hurting to the point that I had to leave part way through the Nelson’s portion and missed Randy’s portion altogether. Going to the emergency room, I learned that my first kidney stone decided to begin its travel through my system. Thankfully, VP Ron Lundstrom was able to carry on in my place.

For more information about the Chapter, see Meetings and Join.

Chapter address

North Western Illinois Chapter - NRHS
P.O. Box 5632
Rockford, IL 61125-0632